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AUDACITY REVISITED ... Thoughts on Reparations, Inequity, Murder and Other Forms of Injustice (Previously published)

  Audacity Revisited   George Floyd’s murder, Elijah Cummings’ and John Lewis’s deaths have left me humbled, helpless and grief stricken. I cannot be silent because silence is complicity. But it is the Black voices we need to hear! Is there a role for me in drawing attention to these voices?  I am listening to Black voices and reading their stories, poems and essays . I want to move away from all the ways I am complicit in the oppression of others. In my teens and early twenties, when the Civil Rights Movement was opening eyes to the oppression and inequality imposed upon Black Americans, James Baldwin’s voice helped to awaken and educate me.     In a  Newsweek  article in November, 2018, Mary Kaye Schilling quoted James Baldwin’s  Notes of a Native Son  in which he described America as having a “ depthless alienation from oneself and one's people," and not "the faintest desire to look back." But the past, he went on, "is all that makes the present coherent, and

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